Where does red begin and end?

I have been dying to share yesterday’s outfit with you. So much so that I photographed myself (could someone please spoil me with a remote clicker thingie for Christmas) , which always seems a bit dorky. 


It’s a red blouse from Top Shop… and my favourite pleated skirt from Woolworths, and was  inspired by this artwork by British artist, Spencer Finch.


It is called, Where Does Red Begin and Where Does It End, and is a “study of the margins of the color red documenting its gradual shift between orange and violet. Many times, one person’s ‘red’ is another person’s ‘orange’.”

You see, if you were really observant and this photograph not so misleading than you would have noticed that my skirt is orange, and my blouse red. Even when I wore this outfit to the office nobody noticed this difference in colour between the garments.

Interesting! I even recently bought red nailpolish from Revlon which seems more red than orange… 

For more on Spencer Finch’s work visit here.



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