Food Wine Design 2012

FoodWineDesign 2012…how do I love thee, let me count the ways!

I woke up Saturday morning, 5 am to the constant pouring of rain outside my window, got my glam face on (all part of my retro-over), wore a pair of stunning floral printed pants from Mr Price (which I unfortunately don’t have a picture of… times like these I wish I had my own photog).

Picked up the #boyfriendfantasties from the Gautrain, headed over to Hyde Park Corner Shopping Centre early! You know that feeling when you are so excited for an event? We felt like kids on Christmas…

Breakfast (because great things start with a good breakfast)


It was the first time that we visited the Hyde Park Tashas outlet and man… what an experience! They had so many great dishes to choose from (all French inspired), but we had the Billionaires Breakfast which set the tone for the rest of the day perfectly.


The Fair – macarons, missibaba and the rainy weathered madness

For some reason I never got around to taking pictures of my own, but here are two that I found from awesome bloggers Emma Jane and Angie-the-queen-of-blogging. I think I was way too busy enjoying myself. Always a good thing, right?

Food highlights

Tasha’s Le Parc had me swooning again, this time with a divine spread of tasty treats and freshly brewed coffee. On sale they had a variety of Macarons, I am forever hunting down these little French pastries and wolfed down some excellent Nutella ones there.

My #boyfriendfantasties had a cup of Mint and Chocolate Haagendas ice-cream – a brand new flavour that they launched at the event (at a great price I might add!). We also tucked into a great straight-from-heaven sandwich which was generously filled with prosciutto, parmesan, avo, herb leaves and a drizzle of balsamic reduction. (Which has me googling balsamic reduction ever since).

We saw awesome food at the Fair that I had been dying to try, we even saw Mr Masterchef himself – Pete Goffey (who was creating some signature pizzas).

The Spoils!

I finally have my own Missibaba handbag and Dear Rea ring! *swoon It was superbly fun and fantastic to meet Chloe Townsend – designer and founder of the Missibaba brand. She’s so funny and nice!

I also had the opportunity to see blogger Angie in action. She really does inspire me a lot!

Overall impression

It was really a fun event, and I can’t wait for the next one! Just a shame that they had difficulties with power outages and that the food was so expensive. However, they truly had a great mix of exhibitors. If I organized the event, I would have included more Fashion designers like I love Leroy or even Doreen Southwood, and foodies selling ice-cream. They definitely needed an ice-cream stand. I wish Lecca il Gelato was there! Their store is in Stellenbosch and their Nutella ice-cream is literally to die for!


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