The joys of Pay Day

Pay Day!

These two magical words ring out into the sky and they sound better to me than ‘hey Johnny Depp is behind you’. I don’t know any of my friends who do not perform a ritualistic happy dance when their salary is deposited into their accounts, or let a social engagement pass them by when they do not have cash.

I wonder why this is the average salary earner’s response to getting cash, why we are all stuck in the pay day rut?  Hi, my name is Tunet and I too am one of these people, but I am slowly trying to break this cycle. But to understand why this is our/my  response to money, I should probably explain my past (Always important if you ask me).

Growing up my parents did not give me a monthly allowance I was never deprived but if I wanted something I had to ask (beg, plead etc) to get it. When I started earning my own salary it felt like I was given this amazing tool. If I wanted something I could just go out and buy it.

And is exactly what I did. If I felt sad, lonely, ugly, depressed, happy or any emotion I would shop. I spoiled myself with trips, clothes and food. (A shopping addiction matched with low self-esteem and a love of food, a really bad combo.)

Since my boyfriend and I have been together I have realized that there are more important things in life than quenching my thirst for material goods. So for the first time ever I drew up a budget and I am trying to life accordingly (without feeling deprived).

I am not a qualified financial person, I am merely a journalist dreaming the same dreams as Rebecca Bloomwood of the famed movie, and trying to invest in my future. I hope to share my journey with you one tip at a time…

image courtesy of Verbal Vomit


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