Can you keep a secret?


Hi friend.

I don’t often write about beauty products as there are many great beauty bloggers out there doing a pretty damn awesome job on documenting these kinds of things. However, lately I have been buying and trying a variety of new make-up and hair products and couldn’t wait to share the results!

Get glowing girl

I must admit that it was a magazine that got me into the store and this wonderful product in my shopping basket. Meet my brand spanking new secret weapon – Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer. This soft and easy to blend pink lotion brightens up the dullest of complexions. It also smoothes out pores, reduces the appearance of blemishes and so forth. You can wear it on its own, or combine it with foundation.

Say yes to carrots (Girl you really should!)

The C Is Smooth Body Moisturizing Lotion was on sale and I had to try it. This body cream is made from a variety of organic ingredients like pumpkin and all kinds of forms of carrot which I cannot for the life of me seem to remember. But all that I truly know is that this product does wonders for my skin. It is really a must have if you suffer from dry skin. It is also truly affordable!

Tickled pink but not much more

You know when you really expect a lot from a product and you feel a tiny bit disappointed? Well recently I bought the Lee Stafford Colour Extreme Hair Art spray in Pink. It did its job of adding a touch of pink to my hair with great difficulty.

Here are a few critiques that I have:

· It does not work as well on dark hair like mine,I had to spray a lot to get the desired colour.
· It dries out your hair making it straw like after application.
· The product has a distinct chemical smell that gave me an headache.
· Made my scalp itch.

It is a great product to use in small doses. However, I don’t think I would ever consider buying it ever again. If I want pink hair, I should probably have it dyed rather.

Which beauty products can’t you live without?


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