A life in pictures

Hi friend!
I spent seven days with my awesome boyfriend having nothing but a bucketload of fun. But I am back now and ready to blog, live, shop, work and blog some more!
A couple of months ago I downloaded Instagram (the best application ever) and been photographing a few things here and there.

This is my life in pictures.







Tomorrow is my birthday and I have been thinking a lot…
About moving out of my parents house, turning 28, and accomplishing goals both big and small. It is difficult sometimes to be happy in who you are if you admire others a little too much. I am a really big fan of bloggers Angie and Miss Moss . Sometimes I am afraid that my blog and work is not good enough, or that I am somehow trying to copy them.
I am also struggling to find a new style of dress. Maybe I am still trying to find myself. You know, it is strange that it turns out to be a constant journey. That it is really not a question of age, that each of us are led down our own paths.
Regardless of this. I don’t think South Africa is an easy country to live in, but I am proud of the wonderful places, people and local creativity that I get to experience every single day.
What do you think a birthday truly signifies?


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