Me and Mr P.

Affordable, fun and fashion forward – this is the way that you could describe retailer Mr Price. It is truly my favourite place to shop.

This above pictures are of what I wore this week…

Wel ek moet bieg… (to be honest, the truth is) These are the outfits that I put together for the Mr Price In The Fashion Loop Outfit Competition. Yes, I in fact did not win said competition, and yes like a normal human being I am feeling kind of sad about not winning.

However, on a positive side, I really enjoyed taking part in the competition – dressing up, re-thinking the way I compile outfits and re-discovering my personal style.

Things are difficult at the moment and fashion allows me to escape my problems. That truly is the best part of fashion. It is a tool of expression and a great form of escapism. Even though it is not the be all and end all, it still means a whole lot to me.

Things always look better, if you feel great about yourself.

Well, that’s me…

The girl who likes to dress up. Who dreams of living in my own flat and being married.

In this year of working as a journalist, meeting a group of diverse people, one of the biggest lessons i learned was that all of us have dreams. When it comes down to it…


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