A lot of food, some wine and a little bit of design.

On Saturday #boyfriendfantasties and I went on an outing to the glorious, annual Food Wine Design Fair held on the roof of Hyde Park Shopping Centre.

On arrival it was apparent that the scales had tipped this year from being a design centered fair with some food and wine stalls present, to one with a large variety of food exhibitors, some wine and a little bit of design.

How would I even begin to describe all the lovely, delicious food on offer. There were stalls that sold goat’s milk cheese, gourmet cured meats, cordials, farm fresh vegetables, ice tea and organic raw chocolate among others.

The boyfriend and I each had a walnut coffee cupcake from Chlo Lo, while he had a rocky road brownie. On the day we also feasted on tasty cured sausages from Richard Bosman (so legit that he even prints his own face on the packaging of his products), tried some Kiwi Cucumber Ice Tea, bought some goat’s cheese and got a bottle of wine.

Even though there were less stalls and less design driven exhibitors, the Food Wine Design Fair was still very fun to attend. The organizers managed to maintain the fair’s relaxing and quirky vibe.

YAY! The best part was having someone to share the experience with. Attending events alone, has never been a challenge to me, but it is so much nicer being able to show someone the things you see…

My #boyfriendfantasties sure is a keeper!


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