Happy Birthday blog.

It seems that time flies when you are blogging about fun. (Ha! That makes sense to me at least.)

I can’t believe that it has been a year already. When I look at my blog I am happy, but still feel that I can do better.

I decided to start blogging after visiting Stellenbosch and experiencing creativity at its best. I wanted to be able to share the things that made me happy and exited, that were left of centre, pretty and really cool.

Blogging this past year has also rekindled my passion for Graphic Design; which I thought that I had lost for good. Most importantly I have found that my blog has become a part of me.

Blogs and other things that have inspired me over the course of a year:

Mr Price in the loop blog, Wolves , Lucky Pony Blog, Emma-Jane Nation blog

Marie Claire Magazine, Frankie Magazine,  Stellenbosch, Style Guide Cape Town Blog

The Pretty Blog, Elle Magazine, DJ Opperman, Zinkplaat, MK, Annie Kloppers, Litnet

Amber Jones, Johannesburg, Willem Boshoff, Krystal Simpson


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