Hair today, gone tomorrow


I found myself in swanky surrounds, on a wonderful adventure (a top secret affair, I can only tell you about much later). A day where I got to meet one of SA’s most vibrant style icons.

It was a pinch me moment when we talked… Fueled by two strong coffees and inspiration, I set off to see my hairdresser, who was five steps away from where I was.

Together Ricky ( my fantastic hairstylist at Jeauval, Hyde park shopping centre) and I brainstormed a new look. I always dreamed of having spunky hair that reflected my personality.

And as they say… A change is as good as a holiday. Heavens know how badly I needed it!

So now I have a middle-class, conservative undercut and a brand new lease on life.

Love it!

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Or drop me a line on if you have any hair stories of your own. Your opinions mean a lot to me!



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