Hi Blogger friends – Hi Cake – Hi Prizes – Hi Fun!

Last night, I had the fun-tastic pleasure of attending the first ever bloggers meet-up at Wolves Cafe, Ilovo.

Organised by Angie-Luckypony face, Nicki and Natasha – the event saw 50 bloggers uniting for an evening of cake, fun, getting to know each other and prizes.

There were the most awesome prizes up for grabs and a glass of delicious, Laborie wine to indulge in. (Love the red wine! If I did not have to drive myself home, I would have finished a bottle. )

It was really great meeting the lovely Emma-Jane, Natalie Pool from Cleo Magazine and catching up with quirky Louise from Res. (Loved seeing your Kruin-gesiggie)

Really can’t wait for the next one! 

b.t.w Thank you Shane for rescuing me from a tipsy-empty-stomach-gedoente by making me that sandwich! 

*alas had too much fun to take photos. Thank you Angie for the pic, you are really cool!


6 thoughts on “Hi Blogger friends – Hi Cake – Hi Prizes – Hi Fun!

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  2. 🙂 Hey Tunet! *is it a little nerdy to still leave a comment about last week??* anyway I’m gonna do it anyway! It was lovely to meet you and of course drink good wine with you too! 🙂

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