Why Sgt Pepper left the band.

It seems that Sgt Pepper has left the lonely hearts club band in the pursuit of good pizza, a funky vibe and fun. But after visiting Sgt Pepper in Stellenbosch you would hardly blame him.

Walk down Andringa street and you’ll find a red framed door and a funky, bright lightly colored interior that beckons you to enter.

This is Sgt Peppers, the eatery with the very best pizza Stellenbosch has to offer. Here locals come to dine, wine, hang-out and have an all-round good time.

Quirky staff provide excellent service, playing an array of hand-picked tunes of the Indie and Rock persuasion.  Here you will find  an array of tasty pizzas at an affordable price range, that will easily satisfy even the pickiest of eater.

The bottom line

Sgt Pepper is the perfect place to meet friends and family for dinner or a drink.  Hey, you might even make a few new ones too!

Specials – Wine, Beer or Cold drink included with your Pizza in lunch time. 

Visit their facebook page for more info.


One thought on “Why Sgt Pepper left the band.

  1. The pizzas are phenomenal. Haven’t been there in ages, now I have a massive craving! Have to make the rounds to Stellenbosch soon 🙂 Thanks for the reminder.

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