Seven things… about me? – nogals

So the lovely cupcake lady – Diné, tagged me in a post, where you have to  reveal seven things about yourself.

Here are my seven:

1. I knit one scarf each year.

Not for myself though, the scarf is knitted for the sole purpose of being given away as a gift. I have done this for four years now, and I love it. Especially the latest one, which turned out to be a red and black striped two meter long piece of wooly construction.

2. I really love birds.

I love seeing them, hearing them sing, drawing pictures of them and collecting bird jewelry. With my collection I am trying to gather one representative of each type. Which is sometimes difficult – no one makes for example jewelry in the shape of a crow or a vulture. If I could I would have gotten a bird tattoo on my arm too.

3. I adore macaroons!

They are my favourite dessert of all time. (Even though they are so difficult to find in shops.) I even wish I could bake my own.

4. I find red haired men with beards really attractive.

Especially if they have curly hair!

5. I am a lover of words.

I simply adore reading and writing pieces of fiction, magazines, poetry. I also tend to read the lyrics of a cd first before listening to the music. Oh! Not forgetting my obsession with the copy printed on the food items at Woolworths.

6. I dream of moving to Stellenbosch.

It is the only place where I feel truly at home, I love the creativity and the people that abound there. Oh and the nightlife of course! There is a wide selection of bands to watch each and every night of the week. 

7. I still believe in love

(even though it really hurts) I don’t have a happy track record – in fact I am crying as I type this. But I have seen awesome couples and that inspires me regardless.

I would like to tag: Angie Durrant Batis, Ilse van der merwe , Will Struwig


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