Open letter

Dear CLP

I had a dream about you last night, it was strange, but then again you have never left my heart and mind. Not that I was ever in love with you, I am speaking of a fondness that transcends space and time. You – of all the guys I kissed/went on a date with, hold a very dear place in my heart, for you were the first.

Not just that, it was a beautiful unique experience being there with you, one that might never ever be duplicated. I was a different girl then too, not the self-confident woman I have become. It is a shame that there weren’t more dates.

I’ll always feel that you never gave me a fair chance. Maybe you felt that we were just too different? I still wish we could be friends. If I ever see you again, I would just wave and smile, remembering one perfect moment that we shared.

To me it will never be a waste, just a single moment where all my senses combined. The warmth of the sun’s rays, the smell of the musty books, the look in your eye and the way you kissed me. But most of all I will remember you – with bi-coloured eyes, blonde hair, red beard, lilac t-shirt, quirky personality.

You taught me a lot about excepting people for who they are and that I guess is the most important lesson of all.

With much fondness.



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