Send my love to Dorp Street

Vasgemeer in Johannesburg

vêr tog so ver van jou

stuur al my liefde na die Kaap

en vat my Dorp Straat toe


I ended 2010 with ten  joyful days in Stellenbosch – a luxury that I could almost afford. It is strange to think that we life our day to day existence with longing and only get to be happy for 10 days. Well I know that I have a lot to be thankful for, sometimes I just really miss Stellenbosch.

I miss the people I met, the silence, the mountains and the places.  My heart longs for the endless trips down Dorp Street, the many live performances of the bands that I love.  The creativity and the art. In Johannesburg I feel so lost, but in Stellenbosch I feel like I am at home.

This is a wild assumption that I can not back with evidence, but I think the guys are different there too. They are more artistic, dress better… My heart simply belongs to Stellenbosch, it really makes me wish that I could attend Woordfees this year.

But there is no way…


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