Vintage Wedding with a Touch of Pink

There is nothing like a little wedding piccie lookie-atie to cheer up what has literally been so far a very grey Friday. I found these awesomely vintage with a touch of pink pictures on The Pretty Blog.

As you know I am a sucker for all things pink and pretty! The pictures were taken by Welovepictures and the stunning wedding dress from the Johannesburg based label Lunar.

Apart from feasting my eyes on pictures of wedding ceremonies I adore reading how couples met.  I especially loved Isak and Riette‘s story.

Tell us your love story?

This Pretoria girl had to move to Stellenbosch and go on holiday to Johannesburg to meet the love of her life. All over a pot of salt! During a class tour in the July holidays our group of friends decided to try out the fare at Ant Pizzeria in Melville. We asked for a pot of salt from the table next to ours and next thing we knew, Izak’s fabulous friend Francois gave us not only their salt, but also the candle from their table, the cutlery and finally their dessert. They joined us at our table, I looked into Izak’s kind, sweet eyes and he shared his dessert with me. We started talking and haven’t stopped since! For the first six months, while I completed my studies in Stellenbosch, we had a long distance relationship. Poor Izak, also still a student, was broke most of the time because he visited me almost every second weekend and we explored the Cape together. Our relationship grew from strength to strength when I moved back to Johannesburg. So, it happens to be true that if you ask for something, you might be given something quiet unexpected. Ant is still one of our favourite spots

Don’t you just love the informal photo booth for guest pictures?  What a great idea!

Images courtesy of The Pretty Blog.


7 thoughts on “Vintage Wedding with a Touch of Pink

  1. hahaha!!!

    no way!
    those are koos’ cousin’s wedding pictures!
    even his gramps is there.
    were you at the wedding?

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