Good hair days cost m.o.n.e.y

Did you know that the GHD stands for Good Hair Day? I did not! However, it makes a lot of sense that a hair straightener should be called that.

Very few of us are born with shiny straight locks that fall perfectly over our shoulders. Heck, even the runway models and celebrities get by with a little from their friends – read hairstylists.

Recently my best friend’s boyfriend suggested that I should straighten my hair to increase my popularity and chances of being asked out on a date.

Should I listen to him? Is it true that guys only find girls with perfectly done hair attractive? Some days it really is not that fun to be a curly haired girly, but should we really care about what other people think?

I wonder…

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4 thoughts on “Good hair days cost m.o.n.e.y

  1. Interesting, I didn’t know that’s what ghd stands for! I think you are pretty just the way you are and shouldn’t worry about doing anything else with your hair. Also, you will just be dissapointed if nothing happens. My hubby actually doesn’t like it when I faf too much.

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