Marketing principles for a single heart


Life is all about perception .

The way in which we present ourselves has an impact on the way that we are perceived.

I have learned that first impressions count a lot – a really distressing thought! I think that is just the thing that might be keeping me from meeting that someone special!

If marketers can use branding to create a favourable image of the products they sell, I can use it too. This is called self-branding, the art of selling your personality like a product.

I found the following pointers on the internet all about personal branding:

Tricks of the trade: how to build your personal brand

Personal brands need to be four things: compelling to their market; authentic; consistent; and known.

1. Find out how you are actually perceived or what your reputation is. Ask a variety of people.

2. Spend time exploring what it is about you that is compelling to your target market.

3. Ask yourself if what you are offering is authentic. If not, it will breed only mistrust.

4. Make sure that your message or what you deliver is consistent. If it is erratic, it will undermine your efforts.

5. Create a personal brand statement outlining who you are, what you do, how you do it and why it is compelling . . . and use abridged versions of it consistently wherever appropriate.

6. Explore how you can make your personal brand known to your market or audience and then act on it.

This is exactly what I plan on doing…

Image found on unknown source.


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