Me, you, the kitchen. Now!

Eating this salad tasted just like what falling in love feels, which is very good as I am as single as they get. This explains why I was in the kitchen cooking on the oh so well known Phuza-Thursday.

Well cooking with wine, which I bought in a tiny hotel bar fridge sized bottle as  I am a teetolar, yet another reason why I was at home cooking.

This recipe comes from the ‘slaat my met ‘n nat snoek’ (hit me with a wet smelly fish)  funny Jono Hall’s blog. (Can anyone say food crush?) After work I went to visit the holy grail which would be Woolworths Food (and checkers … uhm because buying everything at that special food purveyor costs two arms and a leg).

(I must admit that the salad was a bit on the pricey side to make. ) It was really easy and quick to make, with only 20 minutes to bake the figs in the oven.

General ramblings on this salad:

If I could have done it all over again, I would have added the figs as is. I could not really taste the wine as much, which begs me to ask… did I do something incorrect when making this? Check the firmness of your figs, the ones I used was almost too ripe and soft.

So with a full belly, I dreamed of me, you and the kitchen, cooking up a dish for two.


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