Cooking in the footsteps of gaints


I love cooking and experimenting with new,  interesting recipes. A while back I read this post on Angie’s blog Lucky Pony. The dish seemed delicious, so I followed the link she posted to the blog All You Can Eat For Free, where the recipe was posted originally.

This weekend I made this Lemon and Pecorino pasta twice, I felt like I was cooking  in Angie and Jono Hall’s footsteps. It was really fun, cheap and easy to make. ( To find the recipe please follow the above links.)

I would just like to add the following observations:

1. Taste the sauce mixture as you add the lemon juice, it completely ruins the taste if you add to much. (As tasted in try number one)

2. Tossing pasta is quite difficult to manage, rather fold in the cheese in small amounts.

3. Chop the parsley really fine and remember to remove the stalks, as they are unappetizing to eat.

4. I bought  fresh pasta from woolworths -you’ll need one pack of pasta to  every two people you will be feeding.

Compiled images found on Google Images.


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