Waarna ek uit sien – Zinkplaat live

Tomorrow it will be exactly two weeks until I get to see Zinkplaat live for the first time. To me their music sounds exactly like the majestic mountains surrounding Stellenbosch look.

It is melodic, poetic and achingly beautiful. Since they hail from Stellenbosch they do not do many live performances in Johannesburg.

I feel lucky and happy that I will get to see them, at a very small and intimate venue – Die Blouhond. There is something to be said about small venues.

I think the poetic quality of their lyrics would get lost if they did a large arena gig. It would be awesome to hear every single word sung.

I have never been one for large arena concerts; it is much better being able to see the musicians up close, to hear what is being sung and to be seated with only a few people around.

Compiled images found on Google Images


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