100 flavours of Kit Kat? wow…

Is it a joke? Can it be true?

Well a little while back I read this post on Angie Durrandtus Batis’s blog. It was all about her husband who brought back some weirdly flavoured Kit Kats from his trip to Japan.

Which immediately had my fingers on Google –  only to discover that there are 100 flavours of Kit Kat available.  100 flavours ranging from a sensible strawberry flavour to Soy Sauce flavour!

Which flavour of Kit Kat would you invent?

Images of Kit Kats found on  Google Images.


3 thoughts on “100 flavours of Kit Kat? wow…

  1. I can imagine the amount of preservatives and flavourants that go in that stuff.. yuck, nestle’s not that great to start with…

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