Win awesome goodies with Quirky Kinda Cool and Lucky Pony

Christmas time, o lovely Christmas time.  I, Tunet Jordaan,  will be taking part in a lovely win-a-christmas gifty competition, held by Angie from the blog  Lucky Pony.  To win the items pictured below, all you need to do is leave a message on this blog, the other bloggers’ blogs,  as well as on Lucky Pony. ( )

Angie, will pick two winners who will then get to send through their selection of four different items via email.

Awesome right? Well get entering then.  Below is a list of prizes to be won and links to be clicked.

Mariet – Kittens with Mittens – TWO handmade handloved owl brooches.

Marietjie – Een dag op ‘n reendag –  a sterling silver limited edition Skermunkil wolf necklace

Janita – Pulp books – The Dirt, Motley Crue’s autobiography (so awesome!)

Tunet – quirkykindacool – handmade feathered hairclip and felt brooch

Genevieve – Genevieve Motley – handmade black swan necklace and sweet swan ring

Cal – Fable Fairy – ornate vintage hair slide and handmade Fable Fairy ring

Telri and Steven – Paper Jet – beautiful handmade, illustrated gift cards and Jet notebook

Carla – Token – another handmade beauty, this time a ceramic bird brooch

So Happy holidays friends and good luck x x


37 thoughts on “Win awesome goodies with Quirky Kinda Cool and Lucky Pony

  1. I’m a quirky kinda cool girl who would love a quirky kinda cool feathery hair clip and felt brooch from your (very)quirky kinda cool blog so pretty please choose me 🙂

  2. croche’d awesomeness right there! chirstmas time IS handicraft time..even if i’m not crafting myself but merely displaying the crafted a christmas tree 🙂
    i love everything here!!!!!

  3. Santa said you have to let me win because I rock the Nice List like a boss and he’ll shun you if you don’t.

    C’mon guys, you don’t mess with Santa.
    Santa, guys. SANTA!

    Also I have a samurai sword with which I am a pro. Do with that information what you will.


  4. I know a few fashion conscious ladies who would just love quite a number of those pieces under their Christmas trees come next Saturday…and how great would it be if I were to give ’em to them?! Awesome competition!

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