Dylan, Bob Dylan.

The first time I experienced the music of Bob Dylan was, when we got DSTV and I saw the infamous placard music video on the music channel VH1.

After that, I happened to find a book about Dylan at my local library; it is strange the ways in which this musician captured my imagination. In my mind’s eye I saw a man playing his guitar, riding trains slicing through vast landscapes, leaving his lover in New York, being booed for using an electric guitar and so much more.

I do not find it surprising that so many artists do a cover of a Dylan song. These are lyrics that transcend space and time, lyrics that you can almost tattoo upon your skin, to reread over and over.

Of course I have to refer to Bob’s equally talented son Jacob Dylan from the Wallflowers, who now sing under his own name. His music is as great, for different reasons.

If you like Bob Dylan and know his life’s story, then you should watch the movie I’m not there. It will truly inspire, as well as leave you baffled.


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