Rockin’ Burger Wednesday is burger-liscious

Hey hey, it is burgerliscious-wednesday. On saturday I went to have me sum burgers (read text in bad American accent), at Dukes Burgers situated  in the hipsters’ paradise Greenside.

Today, you can swing past and sample some culninary treats with a Rock&Roll twist. Dukes has  invited various musos to create their own burgers and with that the rockin’ burger menu was launched.

This menu is only available on Wednesdays, so I suggest you get there fast for one of these decadent treats… The food is good and the decor sumptious, with purple velvet seats and a oh-so cute, outside chill lounge.

I am dreaming of a Van Coke Kartel, Ashtray Electric or even a Jon Savage burger…

ps. Burgers pictured below are from the regular menu. Burger number one is a Mev Vark with fries, the second one is a Thelma and Louise with sweet potato wedges, both equally tasty.


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