Odd Cafe – Is hmmm oddly cool

The Odd Cafe, is a little cafe in Greenside, that has embraced the odd side of life with great success. Here you’ll find odd decor (tables covered with cartoons amongst others), a red british looking telephone booth and food that is tasty yet strange – Avocado Milkshake, amongst others.

Many of the fittings and furnishings in this delightful cafe has been recycled. The bright mix of decor items excite the senses. Another visual stimulating  thing that Odd Cafe has on offer, is the art exhibitions held at the backside of the cafe. Which is definately a must see.

I would recommend the Rose and Apple smoothie, it is taste-a-liscious. Come on, be odd. Odd is the new black.


3 thoughts on “Odd Cafe – Is hmmm oddly cool

  1. I would just like mention that the interior design for the odd cafe was done by Collaro design. Designers : Rita Collaro and Helette Al Buck. Love the blog! keep it up !

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