Rock me baby, again and again…

More than I week ago I read about this interesting initiative on the Mr Price blog, called Rock Me Again. This upcycling project (the third of its kind) aims to use pre-worn clothing, to make new items with the help of local fashion designers.

You drop off your pre-loved clothes at your nearest participating Vida e Caffe and the designers will chose the items, they would like to work with, with the completed garments photographed and shown on Visi’s website.

It is a combined effort between decor magazine, Visi, the website 10 and 5 , and vida e caffe, the hipster’s coffee paradise, Capsule Projects,Jameson Irish Whiskey and M1 Management .

How exiting! So I got four items out of my charity bag and headed over to Vida e Caffe in Greenside.  I am holding thumbs that my garments will be chosen. 

The ethos of the project is to , “use the national voice of the combined partners to encourage you to reduce the impact of the clothes that you loved to wear. In this way, you can help create a sustainable fashion-forward environment.”

It all sounds good to me. Yeah baby, rock that item of clothing again and again and again.


4 thoughts on “Rock me baby, again and again…

  1. Very interesting! I have been thinking a lot about how so many lovely pieces of clothing are lost in the bottom of closets forever. This is a really cool way of reinventing those pieces.

    • I agree! Normally I would just donate my unworn clothing to my church, give them to my sister or swop them at a second hand shop.

      I guess the mantra, re-use, reduce and recycle, is there for a reason. I’d love to see those items re-invented.

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