Yay Yay It’s Mo-Day

Today is Mo-day, a day of celebrating the majestic piece of facial fur, seen in all its glory during Movember. I have found my own way to celebrate, Mo-day, with my newly acquired Mo-brooch from Silverspoon, bought last weekend at the Food, Wine and Design fair. I even found this strange illustration on the web – it looks like me, but with a fancy dancy cowboy hat.  

I also happened to stumble across the following cool and funny moustache related items on the internet – google is my friend. There is the funniest site  called, I made you a beard, where I found mini-moustache cupcake decorations.

I also like the site, Intimate Weddings, which publishes group photographs taken at weddings, were each person holds a fake moustache to their faces – drag weddings anyone?

 Of course if you happen to live in Johannesburg, you should make your way over to Wolves Cafe, for an equally funny and tasty – Excuse me sir but there’s a moustache in my hot chocolate, hot chocolate.

The rest of the pics were found at various sites, listed at the bottom of this post.





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