Food, Wine & Design -Trestles and lights are cool

I met Marc Nicolson,  during the Food, Wine and Design Fair. He has many wonderful and interesting ideas about design. I especially enjoyed learning about the trestle tables. Marc along with Lyall Sprong, form the collaborative effort called, Thing King, which specialize in “Product Design, Furniture Design, Concept, 3D Visualisation and clear thingking”.

I asked them a few questions and this is what they answered:

What do you create, under the label Thingking?

We work as object designers via “thingking”, for clients. While  we collaborate on furniture under our own names.

Please tell us more about the trestle table? 

Trestles are kind of like splitting a table leg ,so we chose to design them while making sure that we retained the feeling and  familiarity of cape cottage furniture. This stems from the idea that cape cottage furniture has longevity, is affordable and has contextual relevance. We wanted to create something familiar, but re-look at the way in which it is produced. 

What do you enjoy the most about design?

It is concurrent with your world view.

Form follows function but I believe… Martino Gamper


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