What mermaids would wear.

A long long time ago I took part in a reality television program and met one of the people who I admire the most, Jane, a brilliantly creative human being from Stellenbosch. She recently won the Elle Rising Talent Competition and I am sooo proud of her. These are the garments that won her the prize.   … Continue reading

Jane Sews Summer

Found this today via Angie and my heart skipped a little beat. How I love dreamy summer attire and supporting local talent! Jane Sews is available in Joburg from MeMeMe in Parkhurst. Don’t miss out! Photography: Justin Dallas Art Direction: Adele Schmitz Beauty: Adelle Jung-Scheepers Model: Anke Jamaica Nel

Nice to meet you Marsha Thomason!

I recently got the sweetest email from one Marsha Thomason, a beautiful British born blogger who moved to Los Angeles to be an actress. You can currently see her on USA Network’s White Collar. (It’s a shame we don’t have that in South Africa). Her blog is filled to the brim with lifestyle and fashion … Continue reading

Where does red begin and end?

I have been dying to share yesterday’s outfit with you. So much so that I photographed myself (could someone please spoil me with a remote clicker thingie for Christmas) , which always seems a bit dorky.  It’s a red blouse from Top Shop… and my favourite pleated skirt from Woolworths, and was  inspired by this artwork … Continue reading

Miss Moss does it again…in colour!

I just love these gift guides Miss Moss has been posting lately (she’s obviously the most talented graphic designer and blogger South Africa has). Each one is grouped according to colour and chock full stuff you’ll simply love! See more here. Talking about gifting… Get your ass over to Emmajanenation, she’s running awesome give-aways at … Continue reading

Creatives on Christmas – Angie Durrant from Lucky Pony

Today we introduce a new exciting segment… I’ve interviewed a creatives on what they love about the Festive Season.  First up, Angie pants Batis – the friendliest and sharpest dressed mogul around. No jokes! Get stuck into the wonderful world of Angie! Pinterest, Instagram, Blog, Wolves Cafe, It’s What I’m Into, Flickr, Twitter , Profile on We Are Awesome, … Continue reading

We go together like…Balsamic and Strawberries

I wish that I could say that I was the one who came up with this ingenious taste combination! Unfortunately not…but is absolutely too good not to share. I know that balsamic vinegar with strawberries sounds slightly weird, but trust me, it’s truly nomnomalicious! Like any perfect couple they enhance each other – the balsamic … Continue reading